UT Pabec Co., Ltd.

UT Pabec, a specialist in the battery industry

UT Pabec specializes in cells and batteries,
providing advanced manufacturing outsourcing services.

Professional group in batteries and energy

Since our founding in 1989, we have been expanding our manufacturing outsourcing services for battery products.
One of the reasons why UT Pabec is well-trusted by customers is the well-experienced staff that we have.
In UT Pabec, engineer "craftsmen" who have led the battery industry at the front line over many years are actively working coaching the younger generation.
The existence of well-experienced veterans generates a sense of security and advanced technical capabilities that befits UT Pabec's name as a "professional group in batteries".

A battery, being a container filled with energy, is a key device

A battery, being a container filled with energy, is a key device

Manpower development is possible
precisely because our retaining rate is high

The reason why we are trusted by customers is not simply because of the existence of "craftsmen". In UT Pabec, we actively promote the appointment of permanent staff so that the employees can rest assured and concentrate on their work. It is for this reason that we are able to focus our efforts on time-consuming training to develop the next generation of manufacturing manpower and raise the sense of professionalism.
In addition, we have built a scheme to provide technicians with a strong desire to contribute to the project success of the client by creating opportunities for each and every individual employee to advance their careers.
Supported by a comprehensive internal backup system, the existence of "craftsmen" goes hand-in-hand with the development of staff that befits the name of UT Pabec as a "professional in battery manufacturing".

Full support for factory operations

UT Pabec supports a variety of operations in the factory, from processess such as assembly, inspection, packaging, etc., to control development for manufacturing equipment, start-up, improvement and enhancement of the production line, development of production technology, and so on. This contributes to a reduction in the production cost and an improvement in the utilization rate, productivity and quality.
For outsourced manufacturing of cells and batteries, you can rely on the full support of UT Pabec with its advanced technologies.