UT Pabec Co., Ltd.

Dispatch business

We provide dispatch services for staff who are experts in their respective field in battery manufacturing in accordance with the customer's needs.

Manufacturing sector

We support a variety of operations in the factory, from line work to various types of machine operators and process improvements. This contributes to a reduction in the production cost and an improvement in the utilization rate, productivity and quality.

  • Mass production technology proposals
  • Process improvement proposals
  • Assembly work
  • E.g. Coping with a pack production increase .... etc.

Putting specialist "craftsmen" of the battery industry
in the front line.

Staff are deployed on a timely basis for the required duration where required. Many veteran engineers (craftsmen) are leading figures in the industry who have worked for long years in battery manufacturers so their capabilities can be tapped immediately without having to waste time and money on training, thereby contributing efficiently and strategically to the business.

Technology and knowledge serves as a bridge linking the veterans and the younger generation.

As we welcome mass numbers of retirees from the baby boom generation, veteran engineers have become an indispensable asset as workers and coaches in manufacturing sites.
UT Pabec supports the work of current staff by deploying "craftsmen" to the sites. Skills and knowledge are transferred from the veterans to the young through skill transfer programs at work and support for technology transfer programs.

Admin sector

This sector supports businesses in various operations including general admin work, acquisition of patent rights, management of intellectual property, and so on.