UT Pabec Co., Ltd.

Early conversion from contract to permanent staff

UT Pabec has established an assignment system for permanent staff to actively promote the appointment of permanent staff.

A system where workers can work as permanent staff has been established

As demand for manufacturing and contracting work increases, UT Pabec has succeeded in steadily increasing its headcount.
The company actively promotes the appointment of permanent staff so that the staff can remain in active and stable employment over the long term.
In April 2015, more than 130 staff were converted to permanent employees.
A promotion and training system has also been put in place to provide full backup for career development and enhancement.

Those without experience can also become permanent staff

Our work is not simple work that can be done by anyone but one in which skills based on experience are key elements. However, there are not many people who are experienced in the manufacturing of batteries. As a result, please rest assured that UT Pabec will supervise your work closely.
The important thing is to be motivated in your work. If you do so, you can also become an expert quickly.
Unlike "placement services" where the staff works together with the employees of the placement destination, in the case of "contracting", the staff will work as a team with the employees of UT Pabec.
The team is made up of work site managers, process or line managers, shift leaders, site operators, maintenance engineers and other staff. New staff and veterans will work together as a team, assisting and learning from one another.
Therefore, you will be able to acquire a variety of skills and knowledge while working.