UT Pabec Co., Ltd.

Employee interview

Started as a new graduate without any experience or knowledge to become a key member of the contracting team.
The conducive working environment made me feel at home and allowed to develop myself.

Profile Moriguchi Plant Dry Cell Manufacturing Department Masanori Mori Joined the company in 2009


Moriguchi Plant
Dry Cell Manufacturing Department
Masanori Mori
Joined the company in 2009

Reasons for joining the company

I came from a normal school. I was recommended by my father who was involved with manufacturing for more than 40 years to join the company. Although I had to start from zero, I decided to do so as I wanted to work in manufacturing in a big company.

My first years in the company

Initially, I was assigned to the manufacturing of coin batteries. I was really lost as the workplace was full of very senior staff with few employees of the same age group as me. After I started to recognize the importance of communications in the manufacturing industry, my work became smoother.
During my student days, I used to take rules for granted. After I started working in the manufacturing industry, I was really astonished by how rules have to be thoroughly followed in the workplace.

Turning point in my career

Due to a transfer, I managed to get involved in the manufacturing of dry cells which are now familiar items in our lives. For 7 years, I was engrossed in my work. I made a big blunder once and had to seriously reflect upon my mistake but I am where I am today due to the support of my colleagues and seniors who spent a large part of their lives with me.
Currently, I have been transferred to the contracting business in UT Pabec and so I will be taking part in projects as a key member of the contracting team in the near future. I feel honored by the expectations of my superiors and feel a sense of purpose in shouldering an important role.

Interesting aspects of my work

Although I started with no experience, when things go well with the troubleshooting skills taught by my seniors, I feel a sense of achievement and fulfillment in particular.
I also did not ever think I was going to produce the same dry cells used in the game machines that I used to play as a kid. There is an appeal in being able to get involved in familiar products in the future as well.