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Employee interview

Started with no experience to become an indispensable presence in the equipment maintenance area for the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries.
You too can aim to become a key person in machine operations.

Profile Suminoe Plant Assembly & Manufacturing Department Department Head Yosuke Nakanishi Joined the company in 1996


Suminoe Plant
Assembly & Manufacturing Department
Department Head
Yosuke Nakanishi
Joined the company in 1996

Reasons for joining the company

I happened to come across an advertising insert in a newspaper and ended up joining the company after I submitted an application. Although I had no experience in battery manufacturing, I was experienced in the operation and maintenance of printing machines and thus I decided to join the company without too much concern. As I had only worked in small-scale factories until then, I felt a little uneasy with the factory size and the long line of equipment in a big company but my interest in battery manufacturing processes and equipment was strongly aroused during the briefings etc.

My first years in the company

When I first joined the company, I was put in-charge of operations in the manufacturing of lithium rechargeable batteries where many employees of our customer Panasonic also work. Due partly to my personality of not wanting to lose out, I went through some frustrating times as well. First of all, I followed those seniors who were willing to teach me quickly and set a goal of becoming the best in my work position. For this purpose, I decided to work hard without complaining.

Turning point in my management career

I have been focusing all my efforts on getting familiar with the work and coaching the juniors. My superior who had been watching over me carefully trusted me as a key person and appointed me as the shift leader in-charge of machine operations . I am grateful to my superiors and seniors who placed their faith in me. Before I became a leader, I was constantly told to "study" and "obtain the relevant qualifications" but I did not really understand the importance then.
As a result, I feel strongly that my ability to perform troubleshooting in equipment maintenance which other people cannot perform and my coaching of the juniors have served as my own foundation. Subsequently, I was responsible for managing the equipment maintenance work in the Wakayama Plant during the period when it was expanding, and in the Suminoe Plant at present.

Interesting aspects of my work

I was transferred from the Moriguchi Plant to the Wakayama Plant at a time when the plant was expanding. Due partly to the scheduled contract work in UT Pabec, I started work there together with some relatively inexperienced members. There was a junior who was not very good at communications so I requested that things be conveyed as they are. This led to a highly united team which could surmount anything good or bad. I think the appeal of working as a team rather than on your own when it comes to manufacturing in UT Pabec matters greatly.
In addition, many systems have also been put in place compared to the time when I first joined the company. I feel that this is a company where employees can easily set their own goals to achieve their own growth even if their respective speeds of development are different.