UT Pabec Co., Ltd.

What does UT Pabec do?

UT Pabec contributes to the "present" and "future" as a specialist group in the manufacturing of batteries.

Since our founding in 1989, we have been expanding our manufacturing outsourcing services for battery products under the Panasonic brand.
Although we have expanded the size of the business to 600 staff as of 2013, we became a group company of UT Group, which has a superior manpower recruitment capability, in order to grow further. Currently, we are a company with more than 1,000 staff*, exuding the presence of a specialist group in battery manufacturing.
Supported by a sense of stability that is provided by being a group company of UT Group, a company listed on JASDAQ, we will continue to grow based on our advanced know-how of battery manufacturing. That is UT Pabec.

*1,005 staff as of Dec 1, 2014 (including external temp staff)

Battery manufacturing is a growth industry

UT Pabec churns out a variety of batteries under the Panasonic brand such as alkali batteries, lithium-ion batteries, micro batteries, lead acid batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries.
Although batteries may be thought as a mature industry that has been in production since before the war, in reality it is still a growth industry where competition is intense even now. Batteries are used in a wide range of fields from familiar objects such as clocks and smart phones, to hybrid cars, industrial machines and power storage devices, with the application range ever more expanding. Moreover, cutting-edge technologies are being incorporated to fulfill needs such as smaller and longer-lasting batteries, shorter charging time, and development of environmentally-friendly materials.
Batteries make our lives more convenient and allows energy to be used more efficiently. Battery manufacturing is a field that can contribute to a more comfortable life "now" and a greener environment in the "future" and that will continue to grow in future.

Taking on "manufacturing" as a team

"Manufacturing outsourcing service" is also known as "contracting" since it means undertaking the manufacturing process on behalf of a client company.
Unlike "labor dispatch" in which a consideration price is received in exchange for labor services rendered, compensation is received for "contracting" work by producing results and achievements.
In the case of "labor dispatch", the work is done together with the staff of the deployment destination but "contracting" involves the employees of UT Pabec working together as a team.
For example, assume that a manufacturing process to "complete the production of a part or product" is outsourced by a manufacturer.
The process to complete the production is entrusted to the UT Pabec team. That is the interesting aspect of the work.
The work is challenging to an engineer as it allows him or her to develop controls for manufacturing equipment and improve, reinforce and develop production technology for production lines from the start-up stage onwards, consider how to proceed with the work efficiently as a team, and employ creative efforts to reduce costs.
This is also an interesting aspect of "manufacturing", serving as a motivation force for employees to work actively.