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Under a new vision to “Create jobs nationwide in Japan,”
we aim to become a leading company in the employment service industry

UT Group Co., Ltd. President, Representative Director & CEO
Yoichi Wakayama

“Create vigorous workplaces empowering workers” is our mission

We see the UT Group’s reason to exist as “giving workplaces to many people and empowering them.”  Since I founded the original company, Nihon Aim, 20 years ago, we have strived to create vigorous workplaces primarily in the manufacturing dispatch and outsourcing service business. We have done this by challenging the industry’s common practices and conventional mindsets. It has been claimed that there are about 500,000 workers in Japan who have been sent by their agencies to work in other companies, doing manufacturing and other work, and providing services. The earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku in 2011 provided evidence of the importance of Japanese companies in international supply chains, and one of the sources of that importance is industry use of dispatched workers and outsourcing services. We, the UT Group, would like to be a mover and shaker of this manufacturing dispatch and outsourcing service industry by creating many vigorous workplaces.

UT’s way of working

What we do is to provide entire teams to operate production facilities owned by our customers. What we do less: we send individual “temp” workers to our clients. When companies dispatch individual workers, the qualifications of each individual are of primary importance. But most production sites require teamwork, and supervisory functions. In business as in sports, simply gathering individuals together does not by itself create a winning team. Again, in business as in sports, it is often no simple matter to really integrate an individual into an existing team and thereby obtain the best possible total performance. UT provides teams, not individuals.
In order to make it possible for our team to accomplish their optimal performance, we provide them with an environment that enables them to be comfortable in their work, so that they are productive and dedicated to their work. Here is how we do this. These policies are also our definitions of part of what we see as our social role, and underpin our value added.

Employment security

From the outset, we have primarily hired people as “regular" employees (with timeless contract employment). This means not merely offering them employment opportunities, but also the assurance of traditionally Japanese employment conditions.

Career paths

The personal growth of our employees sometimes requires moving on; we help those people to pursue a career path that at times goes beyond their company.

Challenging to “Create jobs nationwide in Japan”

From 20 years ago, UT Group or the original company, Nihon Aim, has strived to create vigorous workplaces primarily in the manufacturing dispatch and outsourcing service business. Under the goal to become the biggest manufacturing outsourcing company, we have made strong accomplishment and are now expanding our coverage to other growth areas, such as the environment and energy sectors.
We will help create good jobs and expand career-advancing opportunities nationwide to realize vigorous workplaces empowering workers.

In order to accelerate growth, we are open to opportunities to acquire peer companies, training institutions, and other business where UT Group can utilize its advantages. Using our strength of marketing, hiring, and administrative resources in regional areas, we will also pursue new business potentials, targeting areas where high demand for personnel can be expected in regions.
Moreover, we will continue to focus on hiring and fostering human resources, which are the source of our competitiveness, with the aim to grow into a corporate group that create quality jobs nationwide.

Our workers grow, and their combined
power will grow our group

UT Group aims to provide a place where people gather, learn from each other and grow. These could be regarded as a school or a community. We believe that we will get more workers who grow, and their combined power will grow our group.
While bearing our vision in mind, we intend to advance with a challenging spirit toward our goals of creating vigorous workplaces with our power to work.