Basic Policy of Compliance

UT Group has established the UT Group Compliance Risk Management Committee which includes an eternal lawyer as its member for cross-sectional control in order to comply with laws and regulations, social and ethical norms and realize corporate activities based on corporate and strives to enhance Group compliance.

Furthermore, the Compliance Manual for employees was prepared and distributed to encourage them to pay attention and take measures concerning the Anti-Monopoly Act, intellectual property rights, prohibition of bribery, and appropriate usage of information system, and other matters.

Compliance structure

Compliance Risk Management Committee and Whistle-blowing system

The UT Group Compliance Risk Management Committee is playing a main role for promotion of compliance. Through training sessions, our employees are instructed to take compliance as their own issue in their own position.

We have established a whistle-blowing system to receive reports and requests for consultation regarding conduct that infringes or may infringe our compliance rules within the Company. It is guaranteed that the whistle-blower does not receive unfavorable treatment, and that consideration is duly given to his/her privacy. At the same time, we promptly deal with the information received.

Publication of General Business Owner Action Plan

UT Group Compliance Code of Conduct

At the UT Group, we aim to achieve sound and highly transparent corporate management through the implementation of compliance.

Legal compliance and drawing a line between business and personal conduct

We shall comply with labor-related regulations and other laws and regulations and engage in open and fair business practices that adhere to social norms. Furthermore, each individual shall draw a line between their business and personal life, always act in an appropriate manner, and engage in no improper behaviors.

Customer trust and satisfaction

We shall provide products and services that meet customer needs, offer accurate product information, and strive to act in a sincere manner, in order to satisfy customers and earn their trust.

Disclosing appropriate information to shareholders and investors

In order to be understood and assessed properly by shareholders and investors, we shall disclose appropriate corporate information, including our management policies, financial details, and the status of business activities. In addition, we shall not engage in conduct that contravenes insider trader laws, such as trading shares based on unpublished material facts, whether internally or externally.

Fair competition and trade

We shall engage in fair transactions and fair, transparent competition and always maintain healthy relationships with our business partners. Furthermore, we shall not engage in conduct that is liable to impede fair competition.

Creating an environment that promotes employee growth and personal fulfillment

We shall strive to create a favorable work environment with the aim of enabling each employee to make full use of their individual abilities and achieve personal fulfillment. Furthermore, we shall value teamwork, share important information, and maintain an open environment where people may express themselves freely.

Working together with local communities

We will seek to work with local companies, such as through active collaboration in initiatives that contribute to local development and a comfortable, safe living environment.

Environmental preservation

We will contribute to the development of a sustainable society by complying with environmental laws and regulations, using resources with care, and addressing environmental issues through our business activities.

Respect for human rights

We will respect the fundamental human rights of each employee and engage in no unjust discrimination of any kind whatsoever. Furthermore, any conduct that is disrespectful to an individual, such as sexual harassment, shall not be tolerated.

Appropriate information management

We shall manage information with care to ensure that it is not leaked to any third party, including information relating to companies to which dispatch workers are sent, trade secrets relating to UT Group or our customers, and personal information about executives, employees, or people outside the company obtained in the course of our business.

Handling of anti-social forces and improper demands

We shall have no relation whatsoever with anti-social forces or organizations that pose a threat to social order and safety. Furthermore, we shall take a firm stand against any improper demands.

Publication of General Business Owner Action Plan

Based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children, the UT Group has published the details of its initiatives in this regard.

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