IR Declaration

UT Group positions IR activities as one of the most important issues of management and has decided to announce its IR Declaration. By fulfilling our obligation as a public company and constantly communicating clear corporate messages, we aim to become a company trusted by our shareholders and investors.

UT Group IR Declaration

UT Group hereby declares:

  • We position IR activities as one of the most important issues of management.

  • As a public company listed on JASDAQ, we will fulfill our obligations and constantly communicate a clear corporate message.

  • Regardless of the business environment and our earnings performance, we will consistently carry out forward-looking IR activities.

  • We will make fair and timely disclosure to all market participants regardless of whether they are individual investors, institutional investors, or in Japan or overseas.

  • We will strive to secure and build unshakeable trust of the market, all shareholders and investors.

Objectives of UT Group’s IR Activities

Based on its IR Declaration, UT Group has set specific objectives of IR activities and will build a long-term relationship of trust with shareholders and investors to maximize its corporate value.

1. Strive to enhance our corporate recognition and promote understanding of our business activities

Hold briefings for individual investors at least four times a year.
Hold business results briefings for analysts and institutional investors four times a year.
Disclose IR materials used at briefings for individual investors, business results briefings for analysts and institutional investors as well as Q&A sessions as much as possible on the website.

2. Passionately convey our corporate philosophy and management strategy

Yoichi Wakayama, CEO, will provide direct explanations and answer all questions at briefings for individual investors and results briefings for institutional investors and analysts.

Meet requests for interviews requested from analysts and institutional investors. Yoichi Wakayama, CEO, or an IR representative will attend one-on-one meetings.

Improve IR materials that are used at Company presentations and results briefings, with the aim of providing IR tools that clearly convey UT Group value and business strategy.

3. Aim to establish an appropriate share price, matching the mid-term business plan

For enhancing mid- to long-term corporate value, clearly report the progress of the mid-term business plan to our shareholders and investors.

Announce our thoughts on appropriate share price, in line with the mid-term business plan.

Aim to establish an appropriate share price, in the process of steadily achieving the mid-term business plan.

4. Increase the number of mid- to long-term stakeholders and work vigorously toward enhancing shareholder satisfaction.

Actively provide direct feedback on the opinions of shareholders and investors to our management so as to make them reflected in enhancing corporate value.

Hold a general meeting of shareholders on Saturdays and Sundays for more investors to participate in. Yoichi Wakayama, President, Representative Director, and CEO, who chairs the meetings, will answer all questions at the general meeting of shareholders and the subsequent get-together with shareholders.

Committed to achieve an EBITDA growth rate of 30% or more y-o-y (average growth rate in the 3-year business plan) and a total return ratio of 50% through dividends and share buyback.