Top Message [Massage to shareholders and investors]

Celebrating the 20th anniversary,
we have established the stable infrastructure for increasing sales and profit in the future

In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2015, Japan’s overall economy stayed on a moderate recovery trend on the back of favorable economic and monetary policies and a jobs-to-applicants ratio has improved across Japan.

Under such environment, the UT Group strived to increase its share of providing outsourcing services to existing clients and acquire new clients in its new business areas, by taking advantage of rising needs in dispatched or outsourced services in light of economic recovery and deregulation with an expected revision of the Worker Dispatch Law. We have also tried to improve profitability by acquiring highly profitable workplaces while withdrawing from low-margin workplaces.

As a result, we have achieved a record-high number of active engineers and have improved gross margin for each quarter. We believe that the stable infrastructure has been established to enable us to increase sales and profit in the future.

The revised Worker Dispatch Law is expected to be enforced in 2015. This is likely to expand the UT Group’s business opportunities. We are determined to steadily proceed with measures based on our Mid-Term Management Plan’s base strategies, and aim to become the No. 1 outsourcing service provider in quality and volume.

The UT Group celebrated its 20th anniversary since the time Aim CIC Co., Ltd., the original company of the UT Group, was founded. We started up with only a handful of us and have grown to be a leading group in the industry, with over 8,000 employees. Such remarkable achievement could not have been possible without support and understanding of our shareholders. Thank you very much. Celebrating the 20th anniversary, we bought back shares worth 1.0 billion yen and paid no cash dividend in the fiscal year ended March 2015. In the current fiscal year ending March 2016, we plan to combine dividend payment and share buyback to achieve a total return ratio of 50%, with due consideration to our business performance and the stockmarket conditions.

Your continued support and cooperation in this regard is sincerely appreciated.

Yoichi Wakayama
President, Representative Director & CEO